cros vm qemu question

hello, you guys are experts in this area, i have some questions for open source chromiumos
pls help, thanks!

i was trying the chromium os vm feature, using amd64-generic board

when login with vnc client, there seems to be many issues:

  • only left click works for mouse
  • the dock disappears almost all the time, impossible to push it up to use Files app
  • …

did i used the wrong board for vm or the whole crosvm thing is not good enough?
can i use crosvm to develop my own chromiumos?


i saw chromium_os-vm-vmware updated for m86, that’s the right way to go, right?

apparently we are working on r89 now.

ok, cool,
it surprised me that google publish something(chromiumos_qemu_image) that doesn’t work…
i also googled around and converted img to virtualbox disk file, it doesn’t work either…
i would prefer open source vm engine