Subscription expired?

So i purchased the annual subscription about a month ago and had to reformat my SD card that fydeos was on, long story short I’m not getting a message saying I will be signed out and to purchase again.

I cant see a section when logged in to check this or where to go for help, if anyone has any ideas.

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not sure if I follow what went wrong for you, what device did you purchase the subscription for? what’s the issue now?

I’m not the original poster, but am experiencing a similar problem using fydeos for you on the pi400.

I purchased an annual subscription after installing v13. I updated to v14, but the android system was unstable following the upgrade. I made new media for v14, and installed successfully from that.

I haven’t been able to associate the newly generated hardware id with my subscription nor have I been able to find any other channel for submitting a service request. Thanks for any guidance you can offer !

It’s known for the Raspberry Pi releases because we use harddrive fingerprints (SD cards in this case) to generate device ID as licensing identification. You mentioned you made new media for v14, I guess that was when your device ID must have changed.

Before we golive a self service portal that allows user to perform migration, you will have to PM us with your proof of purchase and the new device ID that you wish to migrate to, one of us will do this for you manually.

The paypal transaction id for fydeos for you subscription on February 10, 2022 was 16M3722147438992W

D8EDC0C8461BDCF240362BA1A25174944945857B #FydeOS subscription information Evaluation in chrome://settings

$ /usr/share/fydeos_shell/ id

Does the above provide all the information needed to migrate? Thanks!

The license id in chrome://settings should be the same as that obtained by /usr/share/fydeos_shell/ id.

Did you get the two license ids on the same device?

I have 2 pi400s; fydeos was written to the card on one of them.

I have now booted the other pi from the same card, and get the same results for chrome://settings:
and id. The same mismatch between the two license ids occurs on both pi400s

We have migrated your subscription to the new device id D8EDC0C8461BDCF240362BA1A25174944945857B.

Please check it.

My subscription now shows as active on the pi400. Thanks for your help, Mr Zhang!

I think I’m having much the same problem: After reinstalling FydeOS, my subscription disappeared. I’ve bought a new one, but I’d like to know how to get the old one back. I’d really rather not have to buy a new subscription every time I reinstall the operating system!

Please create a ticket with your proof of purchase and the new device ID that you wish to migrate your subscription to, and we will migrate it for you.

Where would I find the proof of purchase? I paid with PayPal, if that matters.

Refer to this:

How do I find the PayPal transaction ID?

Google it or ask Paypal Support for help.

I’ll start with the PayPal transaction IDs (YYYY-MM-DD format). I’ll add the rest of the information in edits to this post:

Why there are three IDs? Did you pay for the subscription three times?


I’ll unlist this topic since there is sensitive information. Please message me the device ID you want to migrate your subscription to.