I get “Unsupported OS” trying to install Open Gapps from Fydeos Web Store

I get “Unsupported OS” when trying to install Open Gapps from Fydeos Web Store.

Download FydeOS installation file: FydeOS_for_PC_v14.2-SP1-stable.img.xz

I activated android system during the installation.

Installed version:
FydeOS v14.2-SP1 (FydeOS unlicensed version) Platform 14268.83.14.25 (64-bit)

Hardware: Dell XPS L521X

Have you installed FydeOS onto your internal hard drive? Or was it running off your USB drive

This was usually caused by a certain component of FydeOS failed to initialise, if reboot does not fix it, try create another (local) account and try again. Of course, it’d be much more error-prone if you install to hard drive.

Yes, it’s installed on the HD. Yes, I’ve rebooted. Same problem. Perhaps, I’ll try one of the other downloads. (I wish that the requirements were more clear, like having a list of certified machines or something more definitive to choose the correct download.)

Next, per your suggestion, I created a local FydeOS account and logged in. With the local account, I was able to activate the android subsystem (via popup), and install Open Gapps from the FydeOS Web Store and configure it. The system then rebooted. After the reboot, the Google Play Store icon automatically appeared on task bar.

So, I logged out of the local account, and I logged in with my Google account and I was able to install various android apps from the Google Play Store. However, when logged in to my Google account, the FydeOS Web Store still won’t install anything (same “Unsupported OS” message).

I guess I’m good to go now, but that is a confusing workaround. Thank you for your help. - Mike P

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OK, so I’m putting Fydeos on several Dell e6420 laptops (2nd gen Intel cpu). When I first login with my Google account, I still cannot get any apps to install from the FydeOS Web Store, most importantly, I cannot get Gapps installed because it says "Unsupported OS).

Yes, I can create a local account and get Gapps to install (and Google Play Stores works).

The problem is with distributing these laptops to people, I have to get them to login first with their Google account (to become OS owner), then give the laptop back to me to create a local account and get Android subsystem & Gapps installed (they aren’t savy enough to to it themselves). Please consider solving the problem of requiring a local account to do these installs. I really do not want to revert to Chrome OS Flex. THANKS!

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will have a look into this, thanks for the detailed write up

It worked perfectly on my surface go 3. Thanks man!!

You try with Fydeos15? In Fydeos15 i dont have this problem