"Unsupported OS" when I try to download the FydeOS App Store

Anyone know what I could do to fix this? Signing into a Fyde account vs Google per this thread didn’t make a difference. I also tried a guest account.

I’m running FydeOS v17.1 for Surface Pro 7 on an external drive, I’ve flashed it 3 times now without any success. I really don’t want to overwrite my C drive until I can at least try out some apps.

Edit: For posterity, solution was to do a full install of FydeOS and overwrite Windows.Things are working as expected now, the Fyde store got installed and was able to install GApps as well. FydeOS just really did not want to run off my external drive.

The guest mode does not support the FydeOS store.

After logging in, the Internet is needed to download the store app and some system components to make the store work. You can’t use the store URL by opening it directly in the browser. It could be a network issue or the USB drive is too slow if it doesn’t download the store app or shows unsupported system.

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Ok maybe I misunderstood, I went here https://store.fydeos.com/ to try to download the store. I assumed the installer was for the store itself but now I see that it’s for the OS.

I did connect to the internet during setup every time. So you’re saying the store should already be installed after I’ve completed setup? And if it’s not, there’s no way to manually install it?

You need to wait for it to be installed automatically.

How long does that usually take? I had FydeOS up and running for several hours.

Use a good usb dude. Usually takes less than a minute.

Hmm. I was using a full external drive, but I’ll see if I can find something different to use.