Multiple problems in a DELL laptops with FydeOS 16

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    (1) I have 2 DELL laptops and in both after installing, when i open the some app, open slowly and they get stuck and after a few minutes they respond again or close unexpectedly, i have little frezzes even if I do nothing only open any app, or open configuration app, some apps cannot login to gmail or microsoft email accounts such as outlook, spark and to do. In In Fydeos 15 I didn’t have those problems. Is frustrating have a nice laptop with an OS with problems like that. I love Fydeos but 16 version is very buggy

edit: Now when i open some apps like SpeedTed by Okla , the laptop freezes completly. Never never i have this problem before with Fydeos 15… what happened with my favoryte OS?

(2) Specific configuration and firmware version

- CPU: i3 11th gen and 17 11th gen
- GPU: Iris
- RAM & ROM: 32gb ram
- FydeOS Version: 16

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We noticed some problems with the Android subsystem for some 11-12 Gen devices and are looking into it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Any time for solution? What i need to do?

We cannot guarantee when this will be resolved. You can reinstall v15.1 if you want a temporary fix.

Ok, is sad if you only have this solution, i pay for the fee for upgrade and is poor support. I spend my time download 16 version and reinstall again and again thinking “the problem are my machines”. You need warn about this issue to another users.

It’s not a common issue; it only affects some 11-12 devices. We have acquired an 11 Gen device which can reproduce the problem and are looking into it.

Any news?

Still working on it. Not an easy problem to solve.

i understand, thanks i’m still waiting

Could you try v16.0-SP1? It performs well on our test device.

I will try in this moment

Not working, same issues in Dell Latitude 7420 i7 11th 32gb ram 500 ssd, i upgraded from 15.1 version and, when restarted and i reinstall GAPPS i have same issues, fortunately i can reverse upgrade selecting option A when i reboot the machine

v16.0-SP1 works well on all our devices. Could you upload a video with the issue you have? We will try the apps you have problems with.

Is exactly the same behaviour than my first message. The laptop freezes when i Open any app. If not install gapps all runs well , but if i install gapps appear this issues. On fydeos 15.1 don’t have this problems

We can’t recreate these issues on v16.0-SP1 with Open Gapps installed. I guess that’s the problem specific to your device. Since we don’t have the same laptop, it’s hard to resolve it. You may have to stick to v15.1.

i have 2 Dell laptops and i have the same issues in both, my laptops are Dell Latitude 7420 i7 1185g7 and Dell Inspiron 5410 i3 1125g4, i have a friend with the same Inspiron 5410 as mine and he have the same issues too (today we make a test). is probably problem with dell laptops. You need a dell laptop for test.

Is your responsabity resolve this issues. When you make a SO and you say “Is for 9th-12th Generation Intel Core Processors with Intel Iris XE Graphics” and is not true, you need give all support . You cant say only “You may have to stick to v15.1” . Your credibility is in game.

It’s our responsibility to look into those issues, which we have been doing for the record.

Not every issue is resolvable by flipping a few switches, especially when the water gets deeper and we do not have any control over the new tricks that chip makers put into their new product lines. For 11-12gen Intel, we have been trying whatever we could have to bring Android subsystem support. In the future, it requires a fundamental refactoring process before this materialises; this is what we have.

You are using “FydeOS for PC” - a free distribution that is given “as-is”; there is no warranty for it. You are not an Enterprise Grid customer where there is an SLA in place between you and the vendor. So if things break, they break. We will try our best to fix it, but there can hardly be any guarantee.

You were correct about our download page; the description is somewhat not accurate. We are working on an improved version too; thanks for the tip.

Thanks for your responses. I agree with most of your opinions except than Fydeos is free because is not totally free, the licence of Fydeos for PC is Free-ish, and you ask for a payment for major upgrade and i paid twice for fail upgrades for my laptops.

I hope you can find fix for my case (and all cases with laptops like mine) im waiting for better solution.


We have stated quite clearly that what you have paid for is for the CDN traffic:

Most of what you pay is for CDN traffic, including roughly 2GB of data that is transferred from commercial CDN servers to your local device, and for our back-end operations and maintenance costs to support the cloud service.

This $1.59 symbolic fee has very little to do with the quality assurance of FydeOS for PC, unfortunately. Also it’s entirely optional; if you choose not to pay this fee, you can still use FydeOS for PC for free. The upkeep of the FydeOS releases costs way more than these.

Having said all those, we will still strive to provide the best we can.