FydeOS won't boot installation

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    A: Why can’t I boot the fyde os installation from my usb stick?
    B: Why does it say “Wrong EFI Loader Signature” when booting with legacy boot not with uefi? (at the end there is a boot loop :frowning: )

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    CPU: intel core i5 4570 (Haswell)
    GPU: The one I used for installation : Intel (R) HD graphics 4600 , the one I didn’t use was an nvidia gtx 750
    RAM & Storage: 8 gb ram , only 7.6 gb used (if someone can help me with the only used 7.6 gb I hope so)
    FydeOS Version: tried with amd64-fydeos, both versions fydeos 16 and 17 (could it be the wrong version?)

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    Logs: I couldn’t even boot lol