Can't boot into FydeOS using USB

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    When I create a bootable usb using rufus into version 17.1 iris, it is just a black screen. When I use the older versions such as version 15.1 and 16.1, I am able to get to the installation media screen. When I selection the any option, it’ll pull up the FydeOS logo, sit on there for a couple minutes, and then just “error” out and boot into windows anyways.

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  • Hardware & System Configuration:
    • i5 8250U
    • Intel UHD 620
    • 16 gb
    • 17.1, 16.1, 15.1
    • Secure Boot off

Try the first version for Intel 3-7 Gen. Some 8 Gen devices are better suited for this version. If it does not work either, maybe something is wrong with your USB; get a better USB drive.

Thanks! It was the USB Stick that was the problem!