Make a bootable USB from ChromeOS/FydeOS

How to make bootable USBs without leaving FydeOS

This is for making bootable USBs for anything like Windows 7, openFyde, etc.

  1. Download the iso file
  2. Rename the file to .bin.
  3. Install Chromebook recovery utility from web store.
  4. Use Chromebook recovery utility, go to top right and in settings icon, choose ‘Use Local Image’
  5. Follow the prompts to burn the ISO onto the USB and make it bootable!

Without erasing windows you mean…

Are there any way to make it bootable,please tell or I have to find another windows pc to do that because even tough I’ve set boot from usb at 1st place it didnt work and not booted from the usb.

it shud work if the image was burned onto the pendrive properly

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