[Guide] OpenFydeOS Kernel 6.6 - Brunch! 🥞

Source of this is from an top lead FydeOS user Monoco aka Su12 from the Chinese Forums - He is a Legend!

“Preventing disturbances: / FydeOS do not guarantee stability; if data is lost, it’s your responsibility. / The original FydeOS kernel is already well-configured, so don’t tinker with it. / Don’t blindly copy and paste commands. / We do not provide any basic knowledge teaching. / Sound issues may be due to kernel or configuration file problems. / If you need configuration, make the changes yourself.”

You can also try on the Steam Deck.

  1. Download the release version at https://github.com/Damenly/brunch-unstable/releases
    If you’re using a Surface device, choose the Surface option; if it’s a regular device, choose the Chromebook image. Make sure to download the firmware as well.

crosh (Open browser type ctrl alt t)


/usr/sbin/crossystem_mode-switch.sh disable-rootfs-verification

Line by line do:

sudo -i
mount -oremount,rw /

#--For usb users only
[ -d /efi ] || mkdir /efi
mount /dev/sda12 /efi || true  #Only for usb users

rm -rf /lib/modules/* 
rm -rf /lib/firmware
cd /home/chronos/user/Downloads
tar -xvf chromebook-6.6.tar.gz -C /
tar -xvf firmware.tar.gz -C /

cp /vmlinux /efi/syslinux/vmlinuz.A
#cp /vmlinux /efi/syslinux/vmlinuz.B
cp /vmlinux /boot/vmlinuz
  • Always check if file names match the written commands off course.
  • Restart at the end.


» I dont know yet the advantages of brunch as I am new to this as well. So… good luck lads.
» This only works for x86 and amd64 systems not for arm single board arquitectures.

  • This is meant to add more driver compatability such as wifi sound etc… good luck.
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