Huge error with g apps play store and linux and fyde developer mode

:pushpin:play store says device is not certified i tried using local APK but “apparently” my device does not support Linux but it worked in windows. Every time i activate fyde developer mode it asks me to restart so i do but then i look at the setting it’s still there saying enable developer mode. the shell command does not work in chrosh. i Have legacy boot off and uefi is default booting mode and it is the only one besides legacy i even tryed going back to windows but the USB would not even boot so now i am stuck in fyde with none of the apps i moved here to use i can’t even get messenger kids or roblox.

And sorry i cannot provide my device detail because the daignostic app stays blank!

here an image of your faulty diagnostic app

if i could i would get as far away from fyde os as i can but i can’t because my windows recovery usb won’t boot all of a sudden!!!

As the tutorial states, switching to developer mode must first be set to UEFI boot in the BIOS.

it is in uefi

my device is a compall PBL00 that’s all i know

Could you share a picture to show it’s in UEFI boot?

ok i will try

You may install Cog in the FydeOS store to check your device info.

i will give you the images post byone by one because
new users can oly post 1 image at a time

This black screen means it’s on legacy and disable fast boot.

i sent you all of my bios screen shots what should i do to get it off legacy?
i have reached max replys ):
ok here is a cog image of this laptop

Plus this image says i am using a linux platform! so why do i get (linux is not supported on your pc) !

I don’t know whether your device support uefi boot. You should search your device.

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i gave you picture of cog
why does it say linux platform does that mean this pc really does support linux?
so why do i still get

see linux?