This device isn’t Play Protect certified

this is the first time i use FydeOS, i found a tutorial on youtube to install the OS
when i want to open the google play to start installing application there’s a notification from google play services that says

" This device isn’t Play Protect certified
Google apps and services can’t run on this device"

and when i continue to sign in to google play, it says

This device isn’t Play Protect certified
Your device isn’t certified to run Google apps or use Google services. Contact the device manufacturer or retailer and ask for a certified device.
Learn more at

FYI i use

CPU: Intel core i5 3rd gen
GPU: intel HD 4000
RAM & Storage: 8 GB and 256 SSD
FydeOS Version: FydeOS v17.0-SP1 (FydeOS unlicensed version) Platform 15437.44.17.13 (64-bit)

how to fix this issue?

Reinstall open gapps, if it does not help, get a certification from Google as it says

To become certified with access to the play store you have to:
1 - Install a device ID apk to get this Device ID and register it on your google account.
2 - Register it here:
3 - Give it a day till google approval happens. (Hours minutes or maybe 1 day not in our control).